Encouraging spiritual growth

As human beings, we have a tendency to get our minds stuck on a oneway track. Consumed and obsessed when equipped with a new way of thinking, sometimes we can find ourselves forgetting about all the earlier lessons we learned on the way to learning a new way.

When we find ourselves in a new frame of mind, it doesn’t mean that we should totally disregard all the smaller steps that we took on the way to making a bigger leap. The little steps are equally as important to rememberand they are responsible for making up a large portion of who we become as emotional and spiritual thinkers.

Think about it this way: if you were training for a marathon, and practiced day in and day out until you could finally finish the entirety of the run without stopping, would you stop training? Would you stop stretching and running and conditioning your body for the challenge if you successfully completed the marathon once?

Our brains and hearts are muscles and organs just like any other part of our body, yet they hold more magical powers; more mysticism that we as mere worldly humans couldn’t possibly comprehend. These muscles need to be exercised, massaged, and continually trained so as not to lose their strength.

A spiritual and enlightened journey is one that never really ends. It’s something very temperamental, and if neglected or not taken seriously can lead you back to an emotional square one before you can even blink. Much like a language, if you don’t use it…you lose it.

The most important way to practice and nourish our spiritual journeys is to encourage and take care of our relationships. We must never drop the ball on our connections and relationships to the physical and spiritual things around us, and always tend to our relationship with the universe.

We are connected to all the life force around us- all as one working unit. With this in mind, it is easy to find similarities between humankind and other living things in the natural world we live in.

As I contemplate my own journey of growth, I can’t help but see the parallels between my own spirit’s determinations of bearing fruit and that of a tree or plant.

It is in our DNA to grow, to thrive, and to produce… just like a plant knows it is meant to grow.

As a gardener, it is common to trim your plants to encourage more growth- more fruit. If you simply clip the young leaves or pluck its fruit, it encourages the plant to produce more. The plant has succeeded in what it knows it was meant to dobear fruit. As we collect its harvest it is encouraged to keep existing and producing for the purpose to provide.

Much like a plant, we also need to metaphorically trim our leaves and harvest our fruits in order to grow bigger and stronger, and be the best we can be.

We need to continue learning and continue practicing the things which we have already learned. Spiritual enlightenment is a never-ending journey, happiness is an ever-changing lesson.

Continue pruning yourself, and trimming your ideas to make room for more knowledge and growth. Your leaves will reach further for the sun, and your fruit will be juicier and more plentiful if you tend to the ever-growing living spirit within you

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