KKKolumbus Day of Action. Eagle and Condor unite against DAPL.

Official Statement from Red Warrior Camp
October 10, 2016.

By Red Warrior Camp
via Censored News

At 6:30 a.m. a Sunrise Prayer Ceremony honouring the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor uniting was attended by the people at the Standing Rock Encampment. The purpose of this prayer circle was to strengthen the will and hearts of all Native Peoples gathered at this frontline to pray for Mni Wiconi Sacred Water. A peoples united will never be defeated, we will kill this Black Snake!

After the ceremony the Camp mobilized of well over 100 vehicles departed from the encampment to Dakota Access pipeline worksite 118. Upon arrival, the People began a powerful ceremony. The Morton County Sheriff’s departments insist that today action was not a protest but a riot. To a point we agree. This was not a protest. This was a ceremony in defence of Sacred Water. The gathering of Nations from coast to coast to coast, the North to the South remains calm and orderly until dozens of Riot Police arrived intending to harm and arrest all present.

The Riot Police were armed and dangerous, yet we managed to diffuse them even though they were aggressively asserting they would and did arrest anyone and everyone who held the line, no one was rioting in any manner and everyone remained to hold them off for 4 hours. The 27 arrested Water Protectors are being charged with engaging in a riot, criminal trespass, and reckless endangerment, the footage and live streams from the work sit today show the truth and reality of what happened.

The Governor of North Dakota is a shareholder in DAPL. He is heavily invested in getting this pipeline built. The CEO, The Shareholders, and Investors in Dakota Access Pipeline need to know stocks are plummeting and your monetary investment will be money lost.

POTUS Barak Obama has done nothing to uphold or honour the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. Instead jurisdiction of Treaty Lands is handed over to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, this is in direct violation of International Law. We the people at Oceti Sakowin are holding our line firm in our conviction that we not allow the pipeline to poison water that not only we rely on but 17 million people downstream rely on as well.

The State is using excessive force normally used in war overseas on unarmed Indigenous People to protect DAPL. This is tantamount to an act of war on the Indigenous People comparable to Palestine, the Government is waging on Native People and we call on all who can come here and stand at Red Warrior Cam at Oceti Sakowin, Standing Rock North Dakota.

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