Canada’s Indian Problem

Dear editors,

I offer this information to assist people in formulating their perspective on an issue that has been lost in recent acts by persons and agents of alien/outside origin.

The “White Paper Policy” seems to be rising from the obscurity. Former Prime Ministers and Indian Affairs Ministers have been hard pressed in various ways to deal with “Canada’s Indian Problem”.

Steven Harper’s non-apology was a craftily worded statement that does not embrace a commitment to abandon the criminal/genocidal acts and intent carried out in the Residential School Era. Nor does it acknowledge culpability for the exercising or enacting of those policies. This is the clear evidence of the true nature of “Canada’s Indian Problem”.

Plausible deniability is a hallmark of methodology being used. Although Canada, through its diplomatic posturing, claims that we the Indians/Indigenous are well served by Canada’s beneficence, the opposite is true. This is and has long been “Canada’s official administrative policy” and continues to be engineered as part of the “Canadian mystique”.

“Canadian’s believe…” is used generally to give assurance to the disempowered that they are following the true vision of Canada. This same assurance must surely echo in the back room discussions of both Senate and House of Commons. The policy of spoon feeding “Canadian dogma”, propaganda and deceit, is a daily activity of those claiming to have authority by way of the rule of law, from which they continue to impose their will on we the Indigenous. Thus “Canada’s” claim of authority is by definition unlawful, for it is imposed.

Awareness of the concepts/principles for our true benefit, integrity and survival is our priority. This change/addition to our awareness will counter “Canadian Indian Policy”. I suggest expanding awareness of the following:

Indigenous Claim of Right
1) Human Rights
2) Indigenous Rights
3) Right of Equal Protection of Indigenous Law
4) Right of Equal Protection In Canadian Law as Implied by the above Rights
5) Right of Equal Protection under principles of International Law (as envisioned by Our Ancestors as the Society of Nations)

Larry Green,

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  1. In a recent McLeans article Thomas King suggest that society has been asking the wrong question. Asking “What Indians want…” is not the question. He explores the real question to be asked “What do whites want?”

    The answer he concludes is “land”. Indians stand between the settlers and their insatiable desire to possess land.

    The “Indian Problem” then is really being an obstacle to that colonial force trying to pry land and resources out from under Indigenous people. The problem is that Indigenous people are fighting back and that scares colonial settlers like nothing else does.

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