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I am both shocked and appalled at what has been happening in our Chiefs Council and the complete one sided “reporting” of it in a certain local newspaper.

How can someone who claims to “work for the Chiefs” show such blatant disrespect for their employers? While being questioned by the Onondaga Beaver stand in chief, Aaron Detlor stands up, rudely interrupting him and and continued to speak over him, first saying “we do not allow documents to leave the office” in regards to being asked for documents 28 months ago. That’s two years of waiting!

Then proceeds to say “everything you requested is in your cubby.” So which is it? Are they in his message box or do you not allow documents to leave the office? How can one act on behalf of the Chiefs and NOT provide the Chiefs with the documents and agreements that are being signed in their name?

As for their “media relations” who claims she is not HCCC media relations she is however listed as the HDI media relations, which means she also works for the Chiefs. Tell me where a person can publicly disrespect one of their bosses (an entire nation in this case) calling a chief out in her editorial, by name, for doing his job and they remain employed? If I treated my boss with such utter disrespect I would be fired! Not to mention her outburst in May’s council toward the same chief, saying “you call yourself a chief?” Right in the middle of council!

This past council saw every HDI bigwig disrespecting our protocol, from Aaron Detlor repeatedly disrupting council to interrupt a speaker to Hazel also yelling out in council that what he was saying was “not true” to Brian Doolittle referring to women, who were telling Detlor to sit down and be quiet, a few who happened to be clan mothers, as “groupies.” Instead of listening to the answers of these questions or even the questions for that matter a number of people walked out!

Now social media sees HDI director Hazel Hill attempting to remind people that a “bench warmer had no voice” I guess she need be reminded that SHE has no voice and certainly not one that should be heard shouting out in the middle of council, also who is she, and HDI “media relations” to question the business of the Onondaga Beaver clan? Are either of them Onondaga Beaver? Because both women claim to be Mohawk and sit on the Mohawk bench.

Now we come to Chief Allan McNaughton, who stands up in council to let us know that a women, who is from his clan, called him a “coward and a bully” and that his “clan women” were there ready to jump all over her. As he continues to insult this woman DURING COUNCIL another Mohawk woman stands up and tells him how inappropriate it is to insult this woman after she has left. And this was his attempt to prove her wrong? Bully her in longhouse during council, after she leaves? Hmm.

This action prompted Seneca benchwarmer to signal the Onondaga bench that maybe enough had been enough, the beads were then removed and council was closed.

I was once told we don’t condole children as Chiefs because the chief won’t grow up. I’m thinking perhaps this may be true judging by what I have seen in council these last few months. We’re seeing people who are supposedly working for HCCC demonizing Chiefs, questioning the business and decision of a clan mother, as well as refusing to recognize the validity of her and her clan and chief’s decision. A media relations that portrays one chief as a defenceless victim and others as playground bullies. These same people are out in social media as well as local newspaper attempting to silence entire clans by telling the public these Chiefs are “acting alone.” You want a solution to these issues? Have a community meeting and give us the TRUTH!!!!

There will be a community meeting on Thursday August 13th, 6pm at the Six Nations Community Hall to discuss all these matters. Anyone and all with questions and concerns are welcome to attend.

Cayuga Wolf

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  1. I don’t know how a newspaper publisher at Six Nations can claim to provide objective coverage of the HCCC and HDI when also acting as “media relations” person for these secretive and unaccountable entities. These entities put the self in First Nations self government…they keep the information, control and the financial rewards to themselves.

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