Letter: Sam General

December 19, 2016

To whom it may concern:

It has been brought to my attention by my Clan Family and other concerned Haudenosaunee people of the ongoing campaign to remove me from my condoled Hereditary Chief’s title. The latest being a “Haudenosaunee Confederacy” document on social media claiming that I have been dehorned. I feel the need to address these issues.

History of the campaign

– Approximately 20 years ago, Leroy “Jock” Hill attended my home with a coffee for me, I asked him what his message was, he told me that he was there to dehorn me, I told him that it was not going to happen, I visited Cheech Hill then Harvey Longboat Sr., both said Jock had no right to do this. I also told Huron Miller what happened, Huron also said that Jock had no right to do this, Huron asked what Jock’s reason was — I told Huron that I did not ask Jock but that I told him to leave my place and to take his coffee (for me) with him.

– August 2016: The Six Nations Confederacy Chiefs Council (comprised of 10 condoled Chiefs) agreed to hear from my former Clan Mother (Gloria Sky) — she wanted to be my Clan Mother again. One week prior to this meeting, there was a meeting at Sour Springs Longhouse to address these concerns, Gloria said at this meeting that she did not want the title back as it is a big responsibility and she is old and it’s hard for her to get around. The SNCCC agreed that my former Clan Mother would be reinstated and that she could choose a new Chief later – I, along with my Clan Family do not accept this decision as a Nation cannot dictate to another Nation who their Chief and Clan Mother will be, only the Clan Family can decide this.

– December 10, 2016: I attended an Onondaga Confederacy Chief’s Council, the three agenda items were; 1.) Border Crossing 2.) Standing Rock 3.) Report from a Washington D.C. meeting. When Council started, I was surprised to find out that I was the first agenda item. I addressed the issues in a respectful manner, when I finished addressing Council, I told them that my Clan Family will decide my Chieftainship — not this Council. Tadadaho stated that it was time for lunch. After lunch the other agenda items were addressed. I left at 3:30 p.m. as it appeared that my issue would not be addressed any further that day. Apparently after I left, the Council discussed me again, this must be where the “Haudenosaunee Confederacy” document made its way onto social media. My Clan Family was never told that I was going to be on the agenda, so they did not have the opportunity to attend to have their voice heard.

Deyohyogo title and clan mother

I was condoled in the early 1980s at the Lower Cayuga Longhouse, at this condolence, Gloria Sky was placed as my Clan Mother. During the condolence ceremony, Jake Thomas Sr. told Gloria that she was going to be borrowed temporarily as she is from the Wyandot Nation (Heron Clan) until one of Sam’s female family members are ready to take this responsibility. Approximately 16 years ago, I attended Gloria’s residence with my two older brothers to take back the Clan Mother beads — which she gave willingly, there was no intimidation. I did this because of her actions that were not appropriate as a Clan Mother, also, Gloria’s brother and uncle told me to take the title away from Gloria because she did not have the “good mind”. My oldest sister Elaine has my Clan Mother beads — which she has had for a long time. My one family member that spoke at the December 10, 2016 meeting in Onondaga against me, does not represent consensus of my Clan Family. I have continuously been told by my Clan Family that I have did nothing wrong and that I am still the title holder of Deyohyogo, Cayuga Nation – Wolf Clan.

Predictions and warnings

Two years before I became a condoled Chief, Worlington Green from Cattaraugus warned me that there was going to be a group of people that were going to be against me and try to do something to me because of my straight forward thinking and because I believe in the old ways and customs. After I became a condoled Chief, another respected elder warned me of the same thing, his name was Sid General Sr. — a Faith keeper from Sour Springs Longhouse. It looks like this day has come and this group has stepped forward.

I was also told by the Elders that are no longer here, that there would be a day when money would get a foothold in the Chiefs Council, and when it did, that the Council will be in trouble. I feel that I became targeted when I started questioning Haudenosaunee issues, I have never been a “yes” man and I never will be, I work for my Clan, the People, the Children and the coming faces. Everyone will be judged by Shogwayadisoh (Creator) when the time comes!


Deyohyogo (Sam General)
Cayuga Nation – Wolf Clan

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  1. This is a sad state of affairs for the Haudenosaunee Confederacy when such an article as this has to be put into a newspaper instead of being addressed at the HCCC.

    1. Indeed it is especially when Bob Antone took it upon himself to post on HDI site untrue information from last months council in Onondaga but I didn’t see u commenting on that. What’s wrong with all of this is the fact THIS is CAYUGA WOLF business but in September despite my outburst at council about this being our clan business, Jock Hill stood and made a decision which he had absolutely no business doing.

    2. With no democratic link between the HCCC and the clan members, the HCCC is run like a dictatorship at the Onondaga Longhouse. These dictators decide what will be addressed, the format, and who can speak. These same dictators are afraid of a community forum where their lack of support from the people will be quite evident.
      What is truly sad is when one’s boyfriend is the President of the Board and that GREAT sticks it’s nose into politics when it is not supposed to.

      1. If anyone was smart they would demand for a forensic audit into GREAT AND HDI, and then let’s see who has what to say. All that is happening here is about nothing more than money and greed. If it wasn’t, then we would have no problem with Chiefs asking for accountability. The problem arose when a Chief asked for accountability. From that moment on, u and ur accomplishes have made it ur mission to get rid of him. If there’s nothing to hide then hand the computers,books and bank information over to a forensic accountant and let’s be done with this mess. Until then there is no trust within the confederacy because its u and ur accomplishes sitting on all boards making decisions u have absolutely no business doing.

        1. Before you rant, I suggest you get the facts and not follow hearsay. But then again you wouldn’t believe the facts. I have nothing to hide and I’m not trying to get rid of any Chief. It’s not my business. Thank you.

        2. One thing that u must understand about me is I never follow “hearsay”, and only go on facts. I guess if u wanna call when a person or people ask questions and enquire when things don’t add up, ” ranting”…then I guess I’m guilty of ranting. I would have no choice but to believe “facts” if they came from an honest source. Until then I’ll continue to ask for accountability and transparency.
          Your fooling yourself when u say u have nothing to hide. Everything that happens at HDI is your business…after all, you helped create it. Why else would your love interest be at the helm of it? It doesn’t matter because the people are awake and aware like never before. Its not just me asking questions. Now there’s entire nations not just here, asking questions as well.

        3. The people who make allegations like this are the ones who are speaking about themselves!

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