An Open Letter to the Secretary of the HCCC and all HCCC Chiefs and Clanmothers and to the people of the Deyo dyo gwanhasta Circle Wampum who are left without a voice

Please be Aware that the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council, its Lawyer Aaron Detlor and their department the Haudenosaunee Development Institute do not have the full and informed consent of all Nation Clans at Six Nations for their undertakings.

The Haudenosaunee Development Institute, (HDI) is manipulating and misleading the people of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) in actively seeking to silence any opposition to its questionable business activities.

It is apparent that some Chiefs claiming to represent HCCC along with HDI are hard at work actively manufacturing consent by interfering in Clan business, blocking speakers in council, and not being transparent and open in sharing information with certain Clan families on pending deals.

HDI’s devious manipulations continue to encourage chaos within the Confederacy and promote discord amongst people whose lives are being impacted by their schemes.  It is clear that these tactics are being undertaken to permit HDI to feign consensus to potential investors while excluding a large chunk of the Confederacy family.

Here is the definition of fraud according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “fraud: a) deceittrickery; specifically: an intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right b) an act of deceiving or misrepresenting.”

HDI and its supporters are interfering in Clan business by attempting to influence the selection of new Chiefs to ensure Chiefs sympathetic to the HDI cause are chosen.

They have resorted to purposefully stalling on HCCC’s duty to stand up new Chiefs (who represent Clans concerned with HDI activities) by failing in this time of critical pending decisions; to conduct in a timely manner, the condolence ceremony for the Onondaga Beaver, Mohawk Turtle and Onondaga Deer Clan.

People are being misled, paid, pressured and used by HDI to support their new world order version of the Confederacy Council, based on an “ends justifies the means” organizational mantra with the singular goal of obtaining wealth.

Aaron Detlor as lawyer for the HDI does not have authority to direct the roles and participation of individuals at Confederacy Council.

As a lawyer he has not fulfilled his role to advise and present both the benefits and the risks of proposed business ventures. His actions have violated peoples trust and go beyond his role as a legal advisor.

He is attempting to direct the roles of Chiefs, benchwarmers, Clans and individuals. His actions seek to subjugate the people and force compliance with his desired outcomes.

Due to the many ongoing concerns of the people it is imperative that all Chiefs, Clan Mothers, shareholders, employees of HDI and those receiving honoraria do now cease and desist from supporting and participating in all activities of HDI.  The people whose voices are being continually ignored, belittled, suppressed and deviously silenced are demanding it.


Ken Hill, Onondaga Beaver Clan

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  1. firstly KENNY straw hat i have so much respect for you it hurts me to write this
    BUT ;
    the onondaga beaver clan …
    i keep listening to your rants but don’t hear yous working to fix things
    just disruptions and shouting and rants on social media!!!
    you must have an end resolve????
    i hear the people say FIX the HDI
    personnel the HDI
    create a board to over see the directors of HDI

    firstly that seems redundant the board the over sees the HDI are the HCCC and they are in turn over seen by the clanmother and the women of each clan family!!!!!

    so fixing the HDI means ATTENDANCE of the people within the system of the great law!!!!!
    seems to be the answer!!! not blaming lawyers and caring community members !!!! ”

    people wishing not to participate within the great law element of the chiefs council , are ????????????????????????

  2. Band from our community and led away in hand cuffs, that might be the safest place for them all.

  3. We need a community meeting to take back the HDI. The incorporation of HDI could have allowed for a membership made up of Six Nations people to select it’s board of directors but it doesn’t. That is so they can keep control of the HDI and not allow us to steer it’s course. Shame on HCCC and HDI people. Not following the Great Law means you people should be banned from our community.

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