Open letter to HDI

A group of community members have set up an emergency meeting on Thursday August 13th 2015 at 7pm in the Social Services Gym, inviting HCCC and requesting HDI to come sit on a panel to answer community questions.

We will be submitting questions in writing, all other questions that arise from the meeting are at community members’ discretion.

Questions will be directed to HDI members specifically, there is to be no use of abusive language and harsh tones. The truth need not be dug for or uncovered, I trust this will be ample time to prepare.

Cheyenne Williams.


  • If HDI addresses mail to to 2634 6th line why does the HCCC website use P.O. Box 777? What is this P.O. Box used for? Why are some Chiefs unaware of this P.O. Box?
  • Detlor has openly stated he is not HCCC’s lawyer yet in an Ontario Energy Board cost claim he lists himself as legal counsel. If HDI represents the Chiefs how then is legal counsel not representative of the Chiefs?
  • If Detlor works solely for HDI why is there a cost claim to the HCCC for $2,641 for professional fees?
  • Why is HDI using a corporation to acquire lands?
  • Since this corporation has been incorporated since October 2014 why did HDI not make Ontario aware that HCCC already had the means necessary via this corporation to take possession of Burtch?
  • Why was the incorporation not public knowledge as of its incorporation date instead of after the corporate profile was published?
  • Detlor also stated in council that the HCCC had reactivated its land registry system, why then are lands on Pauline Johnson registered to Brant County?
  • The 2014 audit report lists a land lease of $220,000. Why does this money go to HDI and not into a bank account held by HCCC? People’s land = people’s money.
  • The rental agreement from 2014 to 2015 jumps $14,481. What is the cause for this cost increase? Was a jump of $29,979 from 2014-2019 approved by the HCCC? Was the cost increase fully explained before hand?
  • $280,887 was listed as deferred revenue the transferred to net assets. What was the money deferred for? What % of net assets goes to the HCCC?
  • How many administrative workers were employed in 2014 that would account for only $21,454 in salaries and benefits?
  • An arrears of $231,052 is recorded. Where is the detailed accounting of the arrears? Where did the money go?
  • Was this arrears specific to 2014 or have we had arrears in previous years?
  • Application fees of $283,204 were calculated for 2014, at the max payment of $7,000 that’s 40 1/2 applications paid. Why were these not brought to the people’s attention? How many of these applications were approved?
  • $49,836 is listed as “Other Revenue” what exactly is other revenue?
  • Who does HDI negotiate on behalf of: the Chiefs, the Clanmothers, Six Nations Band Membership, residents of Six Nations or all Haudenosaunee citizens?
  • Who gave them the authority to negotiate on the behalf of those persons?
  • Has HDI been to Grand Council to gain approval from all Haudenosaunee Councils to negotiate financials for projects on the 1701 treaty lands?
  • Why should Six Nations territory be the only Chiefs council to get paid for lands our entire confederacy should be benefitting from?
  • If HDI was not started with any HCCC money does the HCCC own HDI?

We would also like to see Aaron Detlor’s retainment agreement as well as a detailed and full ledger of expenses from HDI.  We as the confederacy need to see transparency and accountability from those people working for our clan families.

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