The Hodiskeagehda do not agree with the process and approach of the “Mohawk Workers”

We as the Hodiskeagehda (Men’s Fire) would like to express our grave concerns in regards to the recent events concerning the so called “Mohawk Workers” who are trying to deal with land issues that are out of their jurisdiction.

Years ago, the Mohawk Workers were considered to be a group with integrity, respect, and always has in mind to consider our future generations. Not looking for self gain as a group — how the true Mohawk Workers sought benefit for the people of Six Nations of the Grand River.

Under the Great Law, women hold title to our land. The men are to protect the women and the land. The Chiefs are the spokespeople of the clans. Yet they are not the Lords or say-all and do-all.

The Hodiskeagehda do not agree with the process and approach of the “Mohawk Workers”.

We recognize that something needs to be done for the people. However, it also needs to include the people.

As individuals we are all different and see things differently. That’s why, as a council, there are many minds thinking for the best of our families. Together we all have to accept and carry on the decision that we made. A true democracy comes from a people’s consensus. Allowing transparency, understanding, and acceptance of a council’s decision under the Great Law.

We do not support any actions that will further divide the people of Six Nations.

In closing, to our understanding, nowhere is it written or spoken that the “Mohawk Workers” are the trustees of the Haldimand Proclamation.

In Friendship.
Gary Johnson
Karihwanoron (William Monture)
Gunn Loft

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  1. Iam sick of hearing everyone opinion that cant back anything up that is said. This so-called mohawk worker Bill Squire has done a lot of research, to this date no one has been able to give Mr. Squire a debate. It’s not Bill fault Joseph Brant thought of his own people and made sure the mohawks were added to the deed. Another thing that gets to me is where and how does Six Nations come into play?? There was no dam Six Nations when the deed was signed. Just cause we call ourselves Six Nations that gives an automatic title to the deed? Bill doesn’t attend longhouse so he needs to figure himself out? Is that what Ongwehonweh means? Handsom lake has divided our community and when those people can respect that fact not all will join the longhouse maybe we can get somewhere. I would like to Thank Mr. Squire for all his knowledge that he has shared with me and to the community. For the ones who feelings are hurt ask yourself questions why hasn’t any land claims been settle by Six Nations? Could it be cause there was no land claims made to Six Nations? Just cause some of you’s don’t like Mr. Squire….can’t give the man credit….he on to something that will change our history. And this so-called (i just had to use it) mens fire what are you guys doing? Thought when your group came into play your job was to burn down drug houses? Pretty sure that what was in the paper when they introduce your group. To date we still have a high level of drug houses. Do your job so Bill Squire can do his

  2. No such thing as a Mohawk. Don’t exist, can’t claim anything. Everyone calling themselves Mohawk are not any better than so-called “Mohawk Workers”. Perhaps so-called Mohawk entities should spend the time figuring out who they are first.

    1. they exist in the way they know to, be it called mohawk or kanienkehaka, words/semantics are designed to divide the reality of intent. I get what youre saying that the term mohawk is an invention of our guests, If we honor the two row wampum, Who are we to tell anyone to learn Who they are., We should only ask who they are, do they come in peace, and then listen… Then war or peace.

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