Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day reacts to Prime Minister’s mandate letter

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Chiefs of Ontario to commend Prime Minister Trudeau’s mandate letter to the new Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Carolyn Bennett.

On behalf of the Chiefs of Ontario, it is an honour to welcome Minister Bennett. Minister Bennett has demonstrated that she is a willing partner and I believe she will help advance our Nation to Nation relationship.

We are encouraged, and prepared to lock in our commitments to maintaining a level of optimism in our new partnership with Canada. We have much work to do, but combined political discipline and new forms of investment will help us all achieve our goals.

Canadians and First Nations have been through trial and tribulation in the last decade.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s mandate letter signals a new era of reconciliation where First Nations are securing their rightful place upon a legitimate nationhood platform as Indigenous governments. This is certainly a positive step forward for this country.

Truly, we are adversaries no more!

  • Isadore Day

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