Six Nations Bantams perform a beautiful shutout

OHSWEKEN – On Sunday, Jan. 17, the Six Nations Bantams completely disabled any and all attempts made by the Caledonia Thunder to reconcile a game that was already turning in Six Nations favour, finishing the game 8–0.

The first period kicked off with Six Nations offence making quick transitions from defence, and achieving shot attempts right away. The Thunder offence could barely position themselves before the Six Nations defence would intercept a pass, or simply steal the puck.

The first goal to get past Thunder Goalie Brady Vickery was sunk by Captain Sandy Porter, which only left the impression that there was more to come, and there was.

Not even two minutes later, Assistant Captain Austin Gardener scored with a quick slap shot, landing in the top right corner of the net. Another two minutes passed, and Porter swept by the net to score again before the end of the first.

At the beginning of the second, Thunder Captain Jacob Martin tried to return at least one goal, but couldn’t seem to hit the net; hitting the back boards twice and giving Goalie Caleb Martin the opportunity to snatch the puck from the air. The frustration was high as the Thunder defence drew several penalties on Six Nations, with two of the penalties deemed accidental. But, regardless of the missing man, the Six Nations offence continued on in the direction of focusing on the game.

But, focusing on balancing the scoreboard, the Thunders defence still didn’t keep an eye on Porter, who scored another for a hat trick. Quick to follow, was a break-away goal by Devin Jamieson.

But the best goal of the game was yet to come, as Kessler Skye performed a nice slap shot from long range and planted it right in Vickery’s glove. However, Vickery — having a display of butterfingers — dropped it just inside of the net before the whistle.

The third period offered more displays of team work for Six Nations, as gaining possession of the puck and deflecting shot attempts were easier as the endurance of the Thunder faded. Gardener and Porter took advantage yet again, and finished the game congratulating their own Goalie Caleb Martin, who played a huge part in achieving the shutout.

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