Atoms couldn’t quite connect

OHSWEKEN – The Six Nations Atoms couldn’t quite connect on Sunday, February 26, losing the game to Tavistock 6-1.

The team seemed to have their focus on keeping the puck rather than moving. This gave Tavistock the opportunity to strip the Atoms of the puck and move to offence. This enabled three goals for Tavistock in the first period.

The second period had both teams chasing one another, as the Atoms had a lot more energy. This energy transferred to more shot attempts, but the Tavistock goalie worked hard to keep them out.
Five minutes into the third period, the Atoms returned a goal with a nice shot by Dayton Jamieson, assisted by Sonny Jacobs and Daris Hill. But, as the period waned on the Atoms lost a lot of their determination and allowed more openings on their defence.

By the end, Tavistock scored another three goals and finished the game 6-1.

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