Minor league ball players leads the way

ALVINSTON – It took a kids minor league baseball team to set the course in changing inappropriate team mascot names by ending the 60 year tradition of the Alvinston Indians.

“If the pros don’t do it, we will,” said one young ball player on a Vimeo post which is quickly going viral.

“We are a thriving youth baseball club in Alvinston, Ontario (population 2,500) and we’re setting a good example for our 220+ young players that no pro leagues or teams seem willing to do. For the past 60 years, we have played as the Alvinston Indians. Until today,” the team, as a whole announced.

In the Vimeo presentation, team members and coaches explain the reasons they have made the decision.

“Our teams have a proud tradition and have won many local and provincial championships as the “Indians”, but we’ve decided that teaching respect for each other, respect for opponents and respect for every community we visit is a far more important tradition than any name or logo,” according to the team video. “So, we are coming up with a new name and raising the money we need to replace our uniforms, equipment and ballpark signage. We’re proud that our small town teams are doing the right thing, when the MLB, NFL, CFL and NHL won’t. Any support you can provide will be hugely appreciated.”

The cost of making a team name change isn’t as easy as one might first think. It is very costly, especially to a minor team like those in Alvinston’s who have been playing as the Alvinston Indians for generations.

It is estimated to cost the team around $29,000 for a new logo design, uniforms for 16 teams, banners and park signage, equipment bags, and other sundries.

The unprecedented decision has been well received by the town as well as the entire sporting community it seems. In only a matter of days after the fundraising program was launched, they have received $13,000 so far, mostly from strangers.

For more information on how to contribute to this minor baseball league, and to encourage them in this decision, go to gofundme.com/renameourindians

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