From one ring to another – “Razor“ retires

BRANTFORD—It is painfully true that time and tide wait for no man. But that only means one phase of Six Nations’ professional Middleweight boxer, Karlton “the Razor” Hess, has given way to the next page of his life.

“The Razor” has decided to hang up his gloves on a high note after winning a unanimous decision in his last outing. Hess mades it known following his unanimous decision win over Jamaica’s Gregory Miller at Brampton’s CAA Centre.

As with other sportsmen and women, the past three years of COVID-19 restrictions and quarantines has conspired to rob many promising athletes of almost three years development at critical moments in their career.

Nearly three-years of on-again, off-again COVID-19 restrictions, promises and disappointments proved just too much to overcome for a fighter. That, along with getting engaged to Saugeen’s Andrea Richie, and becoming a new dad in the interim, has drastically changed his vision and direction of his life for he and his family. Hess also has a son, Cameron, who is now six, from another relationship.

“It was a hard decision, but I think it was time,” said Hess. “My life has taken on some new priorities now.”

Boxing is a young man’s game at the pro level and Hess, although in terrific shape, was beginning to feel the weight of it.

“It was hard to get back into the routine after so much time off,” he says. “I did it but it was a lot harder. I noticed that I wasn’t as aggressive as I was. Since the birth of my daughter Akarea, I’ve just been more calm, I guess.”

Here in Canada, with so many restrictions and safety mechanisms in place, it is much harder to make it as a professional boxer in the first place. But the three year struggle the world is still facing in some places, gathering a paying audience became impossible and even coming into the gym was restricted.

Although Hess’ retirement announcement came as a surprise to most, Armour could see Karl’s life taking a more traditional roll after he was married and started a new family.

Karlton has been chasing his dream in the square circle alongside his coach, manager and friend, Jackie Armour at the Black Eye Boxing Club in Brantford for years before turning pro and has guided his career since.

“I knew he wanted to talk to me a few weeks after the win,” said Armour. “Truth be told, I wanted to talk to him too, regarding his boxing career,” said his longtime ring coach. “He worked hard and got himself ready for the Miller fight but the older he was getting, the harder it seemed to be, and without the incentive of a next bout during the pandemic, a lot of time was lost.”

As it turned out, the Razor had the same conversation in mind.

“I don’t mind saying it got a little teary,” says Hess. “We’ve been through a lot together.”

“After we talked and it was decided, we hugged and cried together for a long time,” said Armour. “It was hard, but it was time.”

Black Eye Boxing Club is organizing a club card to show off some of his other young fighters and as a tribute and celebration of Karl’s career and to say thanks to his Brantford and Six Nations fans. More details are to come, however, the early plans are for Aug.20th, at 6 PM, at the Brantford Curling Club, 34 Morrell Street in Brantford.

“I’m hoping for a card of around eight fights with a special intermission package including stills and video of Karl’s fights and gym work,” says Armour. “He has meant so much to the club and such an inspiration to my other fighters.”

The night is to be billed, “Razor’s Edge” and Armour promises a great night of amateur boxing and several special guests at ringside, all in honour of Karlton “the Razor” Hess.

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