The Punisher looking for win

Winston Matthews, aka Jus Win “The Punisher”, has been training hard looking to win an upcoming pro boxing match this Saturday, December 16th between himself and Gregory Miller (0-2) at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga.

Matthews left the amateur league with a 10-1 record but was put up against the stiffest competition in pro which permanently affected his record.

Fighting out of Brantford’s Black Eye Boxing Club, Matthews (1-2-2) was a contestant on a reality TV-show in Jamaica called the Contestant earlier this year and suffered two tough losses. Closely matched in skill, Matthews lost to veteran fighter Sakima Mullings (20-2) in a close decision that some observers thought should have went to Matthews. Called back to the TV show later in the season his second match went much like the first.

“It was my best experience in the ring. I didn’t walk away with the win but I gained a lot of experience,” Matthews said about his loss there.

Jus Win fights with finesse and his graceful style seems almost kung fu. “It’s weird. I used to watch a lot of wing chun, I’m really into wing chun,” Matthews said. Wing chun was a martial art made famous by Bruce Lee. “Naturally it comes out. I view myself as a boxer and a puncher. People call me a puncher but I like to think of myself a boxer. I try to be nice with the footwork.”

When asked about how he feels going into the ring this Saturday, “Feeling real good. Going to bring one home for X-MAS, my friends, fans and family have been waiting for a win from me so I’m going to bring one home for Christmas.”

Tickets for Live Professional Boxing at the Hershey Centre are available online at or Tickets range from $15 to $50 per seat, floor tables are sold out. Doors open 5 p.m., fights start at 6 p.m. there are a total of 8 bouts on the card.

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