Razor Hess cuts down Rolland in second round

BRANTFORD ­– A second round TKO improved the value of stocks in Six Nations boxer, Karl “The Razor” Hess Friday night at the Brantford Curling Club.

“We stuck to our game plan, see what he’s got in the first round and when he got him hurt, moved in on him,” says Black Eye Boxing coach, Jackie Armour. “I think we may have lost that first round, but I was kinda expecting that. Razor gained a lot of confidence and then went right at him in the second.”

Armour was happy to live through a promotor’s nightmare when Hess’ original opponent dropped out at the last minute. Since Hess was the main event, of the show, Armour had to make frantic calls around the boxing scene to find a replacement.

Karl “The Razor” Hess recorded a second round TKO Friday night to improve his record to 12-1, before a large crowd at the Brantford Curling Club, including a strong turnout from Six Nations. Photo by Jim Windle

He found a game and well-trained fighter in Jeffery Rolland from the King of the Ring Boxing Club in Brampton, matching Hess’ 155 lb. weight but with a few more fights under his belt.

Rolland put on a good show in the first, until Hess opened up on him with a flurry of rights and lefts, finally rocking him with a right to put him on the canvas. Although he got up the ref felt he had taken enough.

“I think after he had taken a pounding the ref looked into his eyes and maybe they were dilated, or he didn’t look like he had any fight left in him,” said Armour.

Hess regards Rolland one of the biggest challenges he has faced so far.

“He is a really good fighter, he had lots of gas,” said Hess following the fight. “I was getting a little frustrated in the first round.”

Although bloodied in that round and the ring doctor had a look, the fight continued. Armour explains, “I think that was more to wipe up any blood. In this day and age, (with the AIDS virus) I think it’s a good idea.”

Hess is now 12-1 and has made a big step forward with his convincing TKO win. Hess is now fighting in the “Open” class and as a result can take fights against much more experienced fighters as he makes his way up the ladder towards possibly turning pro.

Also on the card was Paul Longboat, a heavy weight and also from Six Nations. Unfortunately his scheduled opponent broke a knuckle in training and could not fight and Armour was unable to find a last minute replacement for him.

There was a strong representation of Six Nations fight fans on hand as well as visiting fans for a very good turnout at the Brantford Curling Club.

“I’m so grateful to how many Six Nations fans came out to follow Karl,” said Armour.

He expects to see Longboat in the ring very soon and has great hope for him in the Heavy Weight division.

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