Razor Hess, sharp as ever in the ring

CATHARINES – Six Nations’ Karl “the Razor” Hess continues to cut down opponents as he improved his record to 9-1 last Friday after winning a unanimous decision over Jake St. Jean, at the sold out Keith Murphy Memorial Boxing Tournament in St. Catharines.

A body attack in the first round by the Razor kept his opponent in a defensive mode; however, Hess was hit a few times along the way, but nothing damaging.

In the second round, Hess began opening it up moving to the head more and still banging at the body. It was more of the same in the third round and when the final bell rang, Hess had his ninth Novice Class amateur win in the bag.

“He was also awarded the Fight of the Night award on a 12-bout card, out of town,” says coach Jackie Armour of the Black Eye Boxing Club of Brantford. “That’s not easy to do. They usually pick someone from their own host club.”

Hess needs one more fight at the Novice Class before moving up to the Open Class. At that level the protective head-gear is removed and the fighters are open to box anyone in their weight class no matter how experienced the opponent might be. This will open up a whole new level of boxers to battle through and work his way through the ranks among Ontario’s best.

Razor’s last Novice Class fight will be this coming Thursday afternoon, Nov. 10th, at 1 p.m., at the 2016 Golden Gloves Provincial Championships, in Dawn Valley, at 175 Wynford Drive, sponsored by Boxing Ontario.

This will complete his Novice Class requirements but he must remain fighting in the Novice Class for the rest of the tournament. His second battle will be Saturday at 1 p.m.

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