Clear shoe ins for the Women’s ALL Cup

SIX NATIONS — Another Saturday of women’s box lacrosse took place at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena this past Saturday, as the usual four teams endured match ups throughout the later part of the day.

Although unscheduled online, the games brought together the Lady Snipers, River Wolves, Shockwave and Steelhawks for great showings of practice as the sixth week continues to approach.

The Lady Snipers were paired with the Shockwave during the second game, who were unrelenting in the first period as they racked up three goals. The Snipers were only able to return one, as Brianna Tremblay scored after working from the crease with passes from Tyra Skye and Tori Johnson.

In the second, the Shockwave slowed down as Snipers tender Cordelia Eno blocked majority of outside shots. But inside shots were more difficult, as the Shockwave earned two buried this period. However, quick to return was Mekwan Tulpin, who scored unassisted from the draw.

Entering the third period, the Shockwave maintained a steady lead as they quickly put away two more goals, sitting the score at 7-2 until Mackenzie Bomberry scored from Tulpin.

This opened the fourth period with much needed catching up for the Snipers, who seemed up to the task. Miranda Vonhanke scored her first from Tulpin and Tremblay scored her second from Johnson. But the Shockwave were consistent in their lead and returned twice. Their over-powering offence seemed to maintain control throughout the game and maintained ball possession which kept the Snipers from scoring.

However, in the final minute of the fourth, Tremblay broke from the draw and earned a hat trick with an unassisted goal. This closed their match 6-9 for the Shockwave.

In the their second game of the day, the Lady Snipers played back to back and met up with the top league team.

The RiverWolves unite some of the best women players in the regular women’s league together as one team, making them a force to be reckoned with. This brought out some animosity, but former teammates from both teams seemed to take the game as fun rather than serious competition.

The RiverWolves were still quick to dole out shots and earn marks on the scoreboard however, as they quickly earned a lead after the Snipers initial first period goal by Tremblay, unassisted. While Shayal Williams also buried unassisted, this closed the scoring for the Snipers and the RiverWolves took control.

Throughout the rest of the game, the RiverWolves earned another six goals and closed the game 8-2.

Although these games were not recorded in the league standings, it is easy to tell that without effort and player attendance, the Snipers will fall behind the Shockwave and RiverWolves in contending for the Women’s ALL Cup.

Stacked with skilled players on both fronts, it may be that the defending champions will have a hard run for their money against the two opposing teams based out of St. Catharines and Paris.

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