Demons vs. Niagara Lock Monsters

SIX NATIONS – Known to have the best offence in the league, the Ohsweken Demons were throttled 16-6 in their last regular season game by the best team in the league, the Niagara Lock Monsters, on Friday, February 26 at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

The first period kicked off with a goal for the Lock Monsters, and four more to follow before a goal by Ken Aaron found the back of the net after receiving a pass from Vaughn Harris. However, as though to knock down any hope of coming back, the Lock Monsters buried again with one minute left in the period.

However, the second period seemed to have some promise as Chris Attwood scored two consecutive goals with the help of Harris and Wayne VanEvery. The Lock Monsters answered these as well, making the effort look unrewarded as the Demons defence watched the ball instead of the players cutting in and standing in front of the net.

But, the last two periods had many in the stands cringing as the Demons looked like they had given up. The Lock Monsters scored four in the third period, with one goal returned by Josh Becker and another by VanEvery. Although by the fourth period, there wasn’t any promise that the Demons could make a come back, the Lock Monsters continued and scored another five goals. Only Brier Jonathan’s first goal, assisted by Josh Becker and Kyle Jamieson picked at the deficit.

The Demons lacked favourites such as Captain Tommy Montour, Wenster Green and Roger Vyse and the deficit showed quite clearly where the weakest links were – on defence. Stacking nearly an entire team with offensive players will leave out the main component to maintaining a score board, and the Lock Monsters took advantage.

Even though the Demons were defeated a rough 16-6, fans still remained for the autograph session after-ward; which allowed many to meet the players they had watched throughout the season.

The Two Row Times wishes them luck in the oncoming Creator’s Cup!

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