Five Point Lead for the Atoms

OHSWEKEN – After losing three games to other opponents earlier this month, the Six Nations Atoms came back on fire in their game against the Twin Centre Stars on Sunday Jan. 31, winning 6–1.

Looking like a completely different team in the first period, the Atoms defence performed a lot of quick retrievals on wayward pucks, while offence maintained puck possession for shot opportunities that left an imprint for the rest of the game.

Making the first period look like a warm up, the Atoms continued to steal the puck from the Stars and run plays in the second. But, the focus on offence left the Atoms weak on defence, as the defenders lost sight of the puck in the jumble of skates and sticks in front of the net. A little tap caused the puck to sneak just inside of the net, giving the Stars their first and final goal.

This gave the Stars a lot of confidence, but also lit a fire in the Atoms. Averee Sault received a nice pass and flicked it into the Stars net, while shortly to follow was a timely penalty on the Stars. Taking advantage of the player deficit, Sault scored again.

Entering the third period, the Stars immediately swarmed Sault as soon as he received the puck, but this didn’t stop his teammates from fighting to get ahead of the one point lead. With the solid support of their goalie, the Atoms rung in three more unanswered goals.

Knowing the victor was unchangeable, some spectators left the arena early as yet another goal was sunk for the Atoms. The display of determination and drive was a sight to see, as the Atoms left the ice with their heads held high.

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