Former Assumption Lions Trevor McDonald commits to play football at Champlain College

Following a storied high school football career with the Assumption Lions, Trevor McDonald is ready to tackle that next step, which is playing at Champlain College for the Cougars.

“What I’m looking forward to most in playing university ball is being able to make a name for myself. Also just being at the university level is something I want to cherish,” McDonald said. “Most people don’t play after high school so I’m blessed to have that opportunity.”

Playing in his fifth year, this 5 foot 11” 175 pound speedy wide receiver/defensive back and kick returner, played a pivotal role last season in leading the Assumption Lions to first a Brant County title win followed by a CWOSSA championship before falling just short in OFSAA against a school from Burlington called Nelson Lords.

“My best memory about football would have to be winning this past year,” McDonald said. “Over the past three years, this is probably been the youngest squad and we were able to go the farthest.” Another fond memory for this athlete includes, “Watching my brother win a CWOSSA title and being able to do that same thing and bring the title home.”

Back on March 5th, McDonald received that ultimate thrill when the Cougars officially announced and enthusiastically welcomed him in an announcement on their school team’s twitter page.

“I decided Champlain because I was able to do my schooling and play football,” McDonald said. “I made my decision on the school because it’s the only school (CEGEP program) that you can play football in Canada at college level.”

Meanwhile Assumptions’ coach Jason Nagy was not exactly at a loss for words when talking about the talents McDonald brought to the gridiron. “Trevor is a fantastic athlete, a true playmaker,” Nagy said. “He was one of the reasons ACS senior football had a successful 2019 season. He’s been an important part of Assumption football and it’s been a pleasure coaching him at both the junior and senior level for the past five years.”

McDonald, who was the Lions team captain, and who scored 12 touchdowns last year, will be studying in his first -year social science.

No doubt this athlete will have many loyal fans from the Six Nations area cheering on his every move as he looks to dominate on the gridiron with the Cougars.

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