Hess wins unanimous decision in Brampton Cup

BRAMPTON — After taking a few years off from the extensive training of amateur boxing, Six Nations’ Karl Hess has returned to the ring with a vengeance, winning Gold at the Brampton Cup with a unanimous decision over Aaron Francis from the Oop Boxing Club of Cape Bretton, Nova Scotia last weekend.

Hess and coach Jackie Armour of Brantford’s Black Eye Boxing Club, were very pleased not only with the outcome, but the effort and continued improvement shown against Francis.

Hess who fights at 69-75k weight class used his typical methodical style, landing several strong jabs to keep Francis away and off-balance. But Hess also possessed a powerful punch and good defense.

“I thought the first round was pretty even,” says Hess. “I landed a few good jabs and worked the body.”

Hess stunned his opponent twice in the second and clearly took the middle round of the three rounder. The momentum carried into the third round giving Hess the unanimous decision.

At age 23, Hess possesses significant power in both hands and has quick feet to allow him to escape the advances of opponents.

Hess began boxing at the Black Eye Club several years ago, more or less as a hobby but left in 2011 to pursue other things. He returned to the Club last year and has taken a more serious attitude, hoping to turn pro.

Since his return Hess has a 4-0 record after winning the Brampton Cup. His fights are available on YouTube, including his Brampton Cup win.

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