A double for Corvairs rookie Skye

CALEDONIA — Out of 44 games, the Caledonia Pro-Fit Jr. Corvairs have maintained 39 wins, 3 losses and a single over-time loss during the 2019-2020 season.

The past three games seemed to have been a breeze, with two wins away and one at home — including victories taken over the Buffalo Regals 10-0, St. Catharines Falcons 5-2 and the Welland Jr. Canadians 13-2.

Although the representing player of Six Nations Kessler Skye only scored once in the third versus the Regals while away, Skye made sure he shone at home.

After getting into the groove past the first period, Skye put away the Corvairs eighth goal of the game in the second with a backhanded slice.

His next landed in the third, with the 11th goal of the game after several tries at the net, just shy of a hat trick.

In the 2017-2018 season, Skye ran with the Cambridge Hawks ‘AAA’ Major Midget, with an overall of 10 points. While for his 2018-2019 season, he opted to play at home for the Six Nations Midget ‘C.’

Since getting on with the Corvairs, Skye has shown steady improvement and a drive to get on the scoreboard.

Still reigning at the top of the Golden Horseshoe Conference — Aidan Hughes stands as the top goalie, while Tyler Burnie stands as the top player with 34 goals and 37 assists, both on the Corvairs roster.

With seven games left, the Corvairs will play at home again next Saturday at 7:30.

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