A swing and miss for the Atoms

OHSWEKEN – A lot of work but no rewards left the Six Nations Atoms shorthanded 0-3 versus the Langton Leafs on Sunday, March 20.

The first period had the Atoms in the box for two penalties before the Leafs took advantage and scored the first goal of the game. Another penalty for Daris Hill followed into the second period, but the Atoms kept their pace with the deficit.

The Atoms maintained the puck and got a lot of shots, but Langton Goalie Kieran Gubesch proved a little too difficult to sneak the puck past.

Soon into the third period, the Leafs scored and a few minutes later they scored again. This left the Atoms to try to reconcile a waning game – and they put a lot of effort forward with several plays and quick maneuvers.

But, the game ended 0-3 with the Atoms still patting one another on their helmets.

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