Anaheim Ducks reveal retro jerseys

The mighty ducks have gotten a whole lot mightier for their fans.

The team unveiled a new third jersey back in July of this year in honour of the franchise’s upcoming 25th anniversary season.

The new design features the old “Mighty Ducks” logo and the team wore their new threads at their home opener versus the Detroit Red Wings on Monday, October 8.

The Ducks official site called the third jersey “quacktastic,” and here is the teams description of the design choices”

“Anchored in black, the third jersey features the original ‘Mighty Ducks’ crest with eggplant and jade striping from the Ducks iconic look of its inaugural 1993-94 season. Linking the team’s past and present, the jersey incorporates new into old with a touch of the Ducks current orange coloring represented in the crossed hockey sticks of the team’s original mark. Anaheim’s current jersey number and letter styling is used in the new third sweater, providing a cohesive look to the team’s 2018-19 uniform kits, while the interior collar denotes the franchise’s 25th silver season.

“The first of its kind to subtly incorporate each of the seven colors (Eggplant, Jade, Anaheim Ducks Orange, Anaheim Ducks Gold, Anaheim Ducks Silver, White and Black) the Ducks have worn throughout the club’s 25-year tenure, the jersey also features silver as a primary accent color in both the triangle of the crest and yoke, paying tribute to the team’s generational milestone.”

The old crest served as the primary logo for about seven years in the late 90’s and early 00’s before the franchise switched up when the team was sold and changed its name from the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim to the Anaheim Ducks.

It is nice to note that the original Ducks uniform was voted the third best in NHL history at the start of 2018.

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