Bantams just miss the Kawartha Coyotes

OHSWEKEN – After defeating the Belmont Rangers in a nearly flawless series, the Six Nations Bantams couldn’t help but over think their second game versus the Kawartha Coyotes and it showed on the scoreboard as they took a loss 2-3.

Kawartha is full of shorter players that are closer to the ice and quicker because of it. But, this isn’t what had the Bantams playing a lower level of hockey – it was bad critical decision making.

But, this decision making was hidden in the first period. The Bantams height advantage seemed to jilt the Coyotes, as the Bantams performed their usual steal the puck and set up for shots strategy.

After only three minutes of play, Devin Jamieson tore around the shorter Coyotes defence and from what spectators could see, he skated so fast that he couldn’t stop. But Jamieson had flung the puck into the net just before he collided into the boards and scored the first goal unassisted.

Just after the Bantams hard work paid off, the Coyotes answered with a goal a minute later. This bled into a lot of obvious aggression from the Coyotes, as two charging and tripping penalties were called. But, the Bantams couldn’t seem to connect on a power play to score one more to break the tie.

The second period kicked off with a quick goal by the Coyotes in the first minute after Jamieson was thrown into the box for cross checking. Two minutes later Jamieson was put back into the box for another cross checking penalty, making the Bantams work harder to try to kill the deficit.

Just as Jamieson was released, Darrion White was put into the box for tripping. But, the Bantams maintained by shooting the puck to the other end to eat at the penalty time to finish the period.

The third period opened up for the same type of play, as in the first 50 seconds Jamieson was back in the box for cross checking for the third time. But, the Coyote player that Jamieson hit proceeded to say something derogatory around his mouth guard and was thrown into the box for unsportsmanlike conduct.

This left the playing field even, but the Coyotes used their speed to get another goal. This didn’t sit well with Jamieson, who got out of the box only to get thrown from the game for achieving five penalties for cross checking.

This didn’t deter the hope that the Bantams would come back, as their offence seemed to become more aware that they needed to try harder. Leading into the last five minutes Assistant Captain Mason Hill scored with a nice slide into the open corner, assisted Wyatt Williams and Rycol Davis. This left a lot of promise, but no follow through.

The game ended 2-3, with the Bantams hanging their heads. They’ll need a lot more gumption by Saturday at 2 p.m., for what could be their final game versus Kawartha. Friends and family are encouraged to come support the team to help remind them who they’re playing for when they’re on the ice.



Ban1: Keeping the puck away from Kawartha was quite hard for the Bantams, as they used their smaller size and speed to maneuver and nab the puck.


Ban2 & Ban3: Assistant Captain and defence specialist Mason Hill scored the second goal of the game after a lot of great coordination with his teammates.


Ban4: Hung on the back wall of the arena were signs commemorating each player on the Bantams, showing just how much support there is coming from of fans and family.

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