Capitals forward T.J. Oshie gives fan thrill of a lifetime

Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie recently gave a 12 -year-old fan the absolute thrill of a lifetime!

In early April, this young Capital’s fan named Alex showed his artistic abilities when using dominos, he constructed all 31 NHL logos before making a Youtube video showing the dominos in action.

In the video, Alex stressed how Oshie was his favorite player and that he was supposed to see a Capitals game before the NHL was put on pause do to COVID-19.

Afterwards, Alex’s brother took to the computer and wrote a message on twitter to Oshie and attached the youtube video.

The tweet read, “Hey T.J. Oshie, you are my brother’s favorite player and he just built all 31 NHL logos in dominos in took him about 30 hours this week it would be amazing if you could share it!”

Showing the true compassion Oshie has, he not only read the tweet and watched the Youtube video but he also responded in saying, “This is awesome!! Let’s get you guys to a Caps game when we get back. Would love to meet you after!!”

Oshie has a reputation as always giving to charities and giving to fans and this is just one example of how over the year’s he has put smiles on the faces of hockey fans alike.

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