Corvairs face London for third straight Sutherland Cup

CALEDONIA — There is only one obstacle between the Caledonia Pro-Fit Corvairs Jr. B hockey franchise and a historical third Sutherland Cup in a row. That obstacle comes in the form of the London Nationals who defeated the Stratford Cullitons in Game #6 of their semi-final matchup.

The final series was to have begun this coming Wednesday, however, London has a few players writing exams and so it was moved to Thursday night instead.

“We saw London in our first game of the season, but nothing from then applies to now,” coach Bullard said looking forward to the series.

“No one gets this far in the playoffs without being a good team,” says Bullard. He especially targets London goaltender Connor Hughes as a potential problem, but remains confident that his team is running on all cylinders with a support cast of  quality Jr. C’s from the Hagersville Hawks.

The Waterloo Siskins were crushed in four straight games by the Corvairs, which set up for the Sutherland Cup final playoff series. Last Tuesday night, Caledonia secured their berth in the finals by eliminating Waterloo, 5-2. Ryan Moran, Austin Brown, Daniel Volpe, Corey Pawley, and Tait Seguin scored for the Corvairs.

But confidence will only take you so far and Bullard is not about to let his squad lose focus while they await the final series.

“When you have these delays, there is always the risk of rust,” says Bullard. “We’re having a couple of hard practices before Thursday to get us back in playing shape,” Bullard says.

The team is healthy and deep with third and fourth liners and call ups that could easily find a spot on most Jr. B lineups anywhere as first and second liners.

“When it all comes down, you still have to play the game to win it,” he warns. “No one is going to just give it to you.”

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