Corvairs perform four game sweep of Buffalo, onto Hamilton

By TRT Staff

CALEDONIA — Although the corona virus has caused the closing of the NHL until further notice, the Caledonia Pro-fit Corvairs were able to close up a series and start another.

Starting with the Buffalo Regals, the Corvairs were flawless.

On Tuesday, Feb 25, the Corvairs won 7-1, then another win was landed 4-0 on Wednesday, February 26, following with a score of 1-2 on Saturday, February 29 and a large victory of 8-2 on Monday, March 2, refusing to give Buffalo any room to breathe and ending the series 4-0.

The following Tuesday, on March 10 the Corvairs were matched with the Hamilton Kilty B’s for another series set.

For their first game, it dragged on as the first period seen two goose eggs on the board. But in the second period Tyler Burnie buried on a power play, and I the third period Ryan Wells put one away while short handed on an empty net in the last moments.

This gave the Corvairs just enough to steal a win 2-0.

Later on Thursday, March 12 they came into game two with a closer match.

In the first period, Cole Tymkin put one away and following into the second period, Tanner Brenecke put one up as well. This gave the Corvairs a two point lead, but Hamilton didn’t finish the period without making an answer.

The third period brought about a long list of penalties and the Kilty B’s tied the game through ten minutes in, but Cole Corpse buried another for the Corvairs and closed the game without any offers to Hamilton to catch up.

With the delay and closing of games, the series is hoped to pick back up in April.

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