Dreamcatcher’s men’s ice hockey tournament

PARIS – As a way to generate some fundraising dollars, the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation hosted the Fifth Annual Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament at the Brant Sports Complex to offer competing teams the opportunity to have fun and aim to win the Dreamcatcher Cup.

Each team paid an entry fee in light of helping one of the leading indigenous charities to play from Friday, April 21 to Sunday, April 23.

Dreamcatcher Foundation Board Member Delby Powless said that this tournament is one of the last in the area and is solidly a friendship tournament for charity.

Overthrowing the Wildcats, the four-time Champs, the Raiders took titleship to the Dreamcatcher Cup after they led the championship game 6-1 last Sunday. Photo by Chezney Martin

“It’s been good every year,” Powless said. “We get a lot of support from the community and from all around. We’ve got teams from up North, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and down in St. Thomas that came to play.”

The Oldtimer Division was taken by the St. Thomas Barons over Hoy’s Chinese Cuisine in the championship game last Sunday. Photo by Chezney Martin

For the Oldtimers Division, Hoy’s Chinese Cuisine and the St. Thomas Barons beat out the Dreamcatcher and Grey Hawks teams. But after a rough and hard fought game, the St. Thomas Barons walked away with $1200 prize.

For the Open Division there were a whopping 10 teams in total, and each were hungry to win.

But the wildcats won all three of their games with good scores in the first two days, and advanced to the semi-finals. As the wildcats were four-year reigning Open Division Champs, the Raiders had to push to win all three of their games, as they nearly tied their last game 5-4.

However, come Sunday the Wildcats got a run for their money as the Raiders stole three goals in the first period with far out slap shots. The wildcats returned one in the second, but couldn’t keep up as the raiders put another three in the net. The Raiders finalized the game at 6-1 and earned $5,000 as well as titleship to the tournament’s Dreamcatcher Cup.

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