Six Nations Bantams ended a flawless series versus the Belmont Rangers

OHSWEKEN – The Six Nations Bantams ended a flawless series versus the Belmont Rangers, swiftly winning their first game 5-2, their second 5-1 and finally on Sunday, March 4, they won 8-4.

The first period started swiftly as the Bantams maintained puck possession throughout the start, keeping their passes quick and tight. This paid off within the first two minutes as Kevin Hill received a pass from Devin Jamieson and buried the puck. But, as if to maintain some competition, the Rangers returned the goal with less than one minute left in the period.

The second period started out with a lot of back and forth — Hill scored his second, then the Rangers scored, Jamieson scored, then the Rangers scored again. It seemed like the game would turn into a nail biter, but Hill scored his third for a hat trick by the end of the second, seeming to start a fire that continued on into the third.

After a lot of try-hard attempts by the Rangers, Kahner Johnson scored with an assist by AP Wyatt Williams. Shortly to follow was a goal by Jamieson, leading a quick break away from the Rangers defence. However, seeming to grab at straws, the Rangers started to get rough and aggressive with penalties for head contact and checking from behind, racking up a whopping 32 minutes in penalties in just the third period alone.

To show just how much the mentality of a team can change the out come of a game, Captain Sandy Porter scooped a pass from Rycol Davis and shifted wide to give himself ample space to shoot after breaking around the Rangers defence. Porter’s first goal caused an echo around the arena with supportive spectators cheering. Two minutes later, Porter scored again unassisted, but in the last minute of play the Rangers scored once more.

This ended the game 8-4, with both teams shaking hands without complaint. This has opened the Bantams to enter in the finals versus Kawartha at the Gaylord Powless Arena at 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 13.

The Six Nations Bantam Reps are organizing a fan bus to Kawartha for Saturday’s 2 pm. game. Bus leaves Gaylord Powless Arena at 11 am sharp. The series returns to the GPA Sunday at 6 pm.

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