Six Nations Rebels win highest scoring game of the current season

SIX NATIONS —The Six Nations Junior ‘B’ Rebels are solidifying themselves in the top spots of the league; they now sit undefeated after 11 scheduled games.


In defeating the Welland Generals 12-6 the week before, the Rebels visited the Hamilton Bengals Devils within the Dave Andreychuk Arena in the evening on Thursday, May 18.


A closer game than usual ensued, with Rahonwinetha Elijah putting the first goal of the game away. Followed by goals from Damonie Thomas, Anahilis Doxtatar and Winter Rivera consecutively. The Bengals mustered a two-goal response by the end of the period. In the second, the Bengals opened scoring, while Rahonwinetha Elijah went for his second goal, followed by Hodo Martin, Tayton Skye and Anahilis Doxtatar for his second. Two goals were earned by the Bengals in between as Macay Jimerson scored the final for the period. This put the game at 9-5.


Coming into the third period, Anahilis Doxtatar came in for his third, with a single put up by the Bengals. Uninterrupted, Winter Rivera went on to earn himself three consecutive goals, for a streamline-hat-trick, and Anahilis Doxtatar went for his fourth. To close scoring, the Rebels sat back and the Bengals put three up before the end. The final closed at 14-9, a closer game for the Rebels than many previous.


Later, on the following night, Friday, May 19, inviting the Point Edward Pacers to the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena put up the highest number of goals in a single game for the Rebels.


Able to show off at home, the first period saw eight unreturned goals for the Rebels in the first ten minutes of play. Anahilis Doxtatar (2), Kevin Hill, Brody Fraleigh, Joe Squire, Damon Doxtatar, Hodo Martin and Winter Rivera each racked up numbers on the board. The Pacers responded once, before Tayton Skye, Kaylem Whales Racette, Cole Powless (2), Rahonwinetha Elijah, Damon Doxtatar and Winter Rivera followed with seven more goals. This put the game at 15-1.


In the second period, much of the same continued: Anahilis Doxtatar (2), Ryan Hess, Joe Squire, Kaylem Whales Racette, Winter Rivera, Rahonwinetha Elijah (3), Damonie Thomas, and Hodo Martin added 11 more goals. The Pacers responded once, making the game 26-2.


In the third, both teams seemed to taper off, as the Rebels put up three more from Cole Powless, Winter Rivera and Tayton Skye by the end. The Pacers put one more up, closing out the game at a steep 29-3.


The next match for the Rebels will stay at home this Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., to face the London Blue Devils on Tuesday, May 23. The next Rebels home game will see them at home within the ILA, where they will host the Wallaceburg Red Devils at 8:00 p.m..




SIX NATIONS —The Six Nations Junior ‘B’ Rebels remain undefeated, with 11 straight wins. This past Friday saw them win a landslide within their home arena at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena agains the Point Edward Paces 29-3. Winter Rivera sits on top of the scoring leader board with 63 goals since last week, followed by Hodo Martin, who is leading the Assists leaderboard. Photo by TRT Staff.

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