SN Chiefs break hearts after final loss to Lakers

SIX NATIONS — After moving into the final with the Peterborough Lakers, the SN Chiefs were hoped to deliver and for game one on Sunday, August 18, they did.

They closed the game on top 12-10, and that following Tuesday they did it again with a final of 12-10. Things were looking good as their lead in the series was then 2-0.

But the Lakers picked up the ante and burst through on Thursday, August 22 with a score of 8-9 over the Chiefs.

This loss was the start of a trend for the rest of the series.

On Friday, the Lakers won again 15-9 and while fans flocked to see the game played within the GREAT Theatre on Six Nations, on Tuesday, August 27 the Lakers pulled another win 13-12.

By Thursday, August 29 the Chiefs weren’t able to keep up with the Lakers and the game closed 14-6, closing the final and giving the chance at the Mann Cup to the Lakers.

That evening, the Chiefs Twitter took to posting a congratulatory message to their opponents: “We would like to congratulate the [Peterborough Lakers] on a great season. Good luck out west. We know you’ll do a great job representing [Major Series Lacrosse].”

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