The Caledonia Pro-Fit Corvairs taking a year off

CALEDONIA — In June, the Six Nations owned Caledonia Corvairs announced that they will be taking a one year hiatus from Jr. B league operation to rest up and reorganize the franchise. Players were released to try out for other teams with a thank you for your service and a hand shake by long-time general manager Brian Rizzetto.

“We’re just taking a year off, I don’t know who came up with the rumour of us folding,” said Corvairs general manager Brian Rizzetto. “The OHA allows teams to take a one-year leave of absence. We’ve got a bunch of stuff on the go away from the rink. We’ve played deep into every year, we feel like we all need a break for a bit and we’ll be back for 2019.”

There are hints of some major changes within the Corvairs brass after recent years of solid seasons and not so good playoffs. There will no doubt be a brand new team when the Corvairs get back into action for the 2019-2020 season. At this time there is no talk of moving the franchise.

“We all met collectively as a group after the season, put some thought into it for a few days,” Rizzetto told media. “We’ve given up our lives; this has been a seven day a week job for me for over 15 years. We’re going to make a couple of adjustments in personnel and how we do business. We’ll be back stronger.”

Rizzo says not to be surprised to see some changes behind the bench as well, and perhaps his own job as GM may change.

“I’ve managed the team for quite a while now,” says Rizzetto. “There have been some people who have been paying their dues for a while, waiting for a chance. We’re not sure yet.”

The rest of the league is currently in pre-season mode as they get ready to play a season without the Corvairs.

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