A glimpse of the U21 Team Haudenosaunee ribbon shirts

ONEIDA, WISCONSIN — After an initial group was unable to provide ribbon shirts for the U21 mens lacrosse team headed to the World Lacrosse Games in Ireland, Terrellyn Fearn, a relative of one of the Team Haudenosaunee players, took to Facebook to post the solution on July 31.

“I reached out to Wanda Anton who had made Aidans shirts in the past. I wasn’t hopeful as it was a monumental task—2 weeks to make 30 shirts,” she wrote.

“Wanda is a life long regalia maker and teaching and engaging young people in the creative process is the heart of her sharing. Wanda reached out to Peril Huff and I had a zoom with both of these Amazing Matriarchal women. They approached their youth group and 2 young Oneida men, lacrosse playing brothers, who stepped forward. [The dup] diligently went to work through evenings and weekends to put good energy into the ribbon shirts the team will wear on the world stage in Ireland next week.”

Fearn explained that the product of the hard work of unit came through:

“I spoke with them all yesterday as they called me to say they have completed the shirts. With tears in my eyes, I tried to express the deep gratitude we have for them, they are beautiful humans. Ceremonial regalia is critical to our way of life and I know they understand the importance of their generosity and selflessness in what they have accomplished for this team.
This is the medicine the game imbues and what we can accomplish when we come together and centre young people by selflessly putting our minds and hearts together,” she wrote.

The World Games will take place between August 10 – 20 at the University of Limerick, with a record 23 teams set to compete in the largest-ever age group.

The 26-man roster includes: Rowisonkies Barnes, Stone Jacobs, Efrain Barreto Jr., Daylin John-Hill, Triton Benedict, Dylan Lyons, Jarmani Benton, Koleton Marquis, Caleb Commandant, Jacob Piseno, Vernon Cooke, Clay Scanlan, Cobie Cree, Keelan Seneca, Trey Deere, Dylan Snow, Gregory Elijah-Brown, Xavier Taylor, Aidan Fearn, Dalton Thomas, Julian Freeman, Mason Homer, James Gowland, and Amos Whitcomb.

On August 10, Team Haudenosaunee will take on Team London at 1:00 p.m.. after the USA and Canada face off.

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