ALL cancellations to be rescheduled

The Arena Lacrosse League has made the decision to postpone its season, subsequently halting all of their posted league games.

Currently, the mens ALL standings include as follows: SteelhawksALL with 9-2, the ParisRivWolves with 8-4, the Peterborough Timbermen with 6-6, the Six Nations Snipers with 5-6, the St. Catharines Shockwave with 5-7, the Oshawa Outlaws with 5-7 and the TorontoMonarchs at 3-9.

Meanwhile, the womens ALL division is much different with a line up as follows: the Lady Snipers with 6-2-0, the Lady Shockwave with 6-2-0, the Lady RiverWolves with 5-2-1, the Lady Steelhawks with 1-5-2 and the Lady Outlaws with 0-7-1.

The Junior ALL standings also include: Hamilton Junior Lacrosse with 6-2-2, Jr. Timbermen with 5-4-1, Jr. Outlaws with 4-4-2, the Jr. Snipers with 3-4-1 and the Jr. Steelhawks with 3-7-0.

Updates can be found on the ALL website online.

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