Arena Lacrosse League kicks off with record breakers

SIX NATIONS — Results of the opening weekend for the long awaited Arena Lacrosse League were posted on Monday, February 7, for four games.

The Paris RiverWolves came to a deficit against the Peterborough Timbermen 11-22, and the Toronto Monarchs won by two goals over the Oshawa Outlaws. The Whitby Steelhawks had a rougher go with the Six Nations Snipers with a loss of 14-20, and the Peterborough Timbermen met with the St. Catharines Shockwave taking a loss 25-18.

The Peterborough Timbermen took a record breaker with 25 goals making their game the highest point metric for a single game, and shared the spotlight with the Shockwave with 43 goals scored overall, making their match the most goals scored in a single game in ALL history.

This places the Timbermen above the Six Nations Snipers after playing one extra game, and 25 points ahead.

The next games to come will fall on Saturday, February 12 at 1pm for the Toronto Monarchs versus the Whitby Steelhawks, 5pm for the Peterborough Timbermen versus the Oshawa Outlaws and 7pm for the Six Nations Snipers versus the Paris RiverWolves. The following day on February 13, the Six Nations Snipers will again match up with the St. Catharines Shockwave at 2pm.

As for the women’s division, the Lady RiverWolves lost 0-7 to the Lady Shockwave, the Lady Steelhawks lost 3-5 to the Lady Snipers, the Lady RiverWolves lost to the Lady Steelhawks and the Lady Shockwave lost to the Lady Snipers.

The next ladies games will take place on Saturday, February 12 at 11am, 12:15pm, 1:30pm and 2:45pm.

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