Chiefs wrestle with Kodiaks for a victory

SIX NATIONS — The Iroquois Lacrosse Arena hosted a great evening of lacrosse last Tuesday as the Chiefs met with the Cobourg Kodiaks (formerly Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks).

A rough game with a lot of back and forth packed the stands with spectators and the floor was full of hostility from the first period onward.

Three minutes in the Kodiaks opened the scoring. But four minutes of outside shots and fast paced transition on both sides gave the Chiefs their first goal by Eric Fannell from Kyle Jackson.

The Kodiaks were keen on keeping the lead however and quickly broke the tie. But this didn’t deter the Chiefs, who returned a minute later with a bury from Quinn Powless, from Cody Jamieson.

This built enough momentum for the Chiefs to want to continue scoring and take a firm lead. Powless buried his second and Jordan Durston earned his first from Randy Staats, from Fannell. But the rough nature of the game pulled three penalties throughout the period on both sides, this set the tone for the rest of the game as aggression began to build.

But coming back to the floor with a two goal deficit 2-4, the Kodiaks seemed energetic and focused on regaining the lead.

With 26 seconds into the period the Kodiaks made an unassisted goal from the draw, which Kyle Jackson quickly returned after passes from Brayden Hill and Brendan Bomberry. But scoring seemed to go back and forth as the Chiefs returned each advance made by the Kodiaks with hard-fought goals from Dhane Smith (2) and Durston for his second.

But the Kodiaks were determined and scored four more, finishing the second with the small lead that they worked hard for at 9-8.

And as soon as they returned for the third period, the Kodiaks were prepared to lengthen their lead. With four minutes in and only seconds apart, the Kodiaks buried two goals with quick and timed passes to the inside.

However, this would close the scoring for the Kodiaks as the Chiefs played catch up.

Seven minutes in, Durston went for a hat-trick with passes from Jamieson and Staats. While Powless worked hard from the outside to land his third, after a pass from Jackson. This put Smith into action as well as he scored two within minutes, while Staats beat half of the defence to reach around the Kodiaks goalie to score his first.

This finalized scoring for both sides, but as the end of the game neared and with no hope of making a come back, the claws came out from the Kodiaks.

But the large scuffle at the end of the game initiated by the Kodiaks in frustration still didn’t change the scoreboard, as the game completed 13-11 for the Chiefs.

Their next home game will host the Brampton Excelsiors the at the ILA at 8 p.m., on Tuesday, July 3.

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