Hopes are high for defending champions

SIX NATIONS — As they earned bronze in the Summer Shoot Out Tournament hosted by Six Nations Minor Lacrosse two weeks ago, the Six Nations Girls Intermediate Warriors are likely headed to provincials as defending ‘A’ champi-ons.

An interview with current Team Captain Fawn Porter, who has played since the age of eight and has experience in both boys and girls lacrosse, shed some light upon the dynamics of the team overall.

Porter said that she felt that the winning games during the tournament were well earned and that she got to see more from her teammates.

“I seen a lot of different teammates connecting on the floor,” said Porter. “Although we were hoping to go for the gold medal game for our own tourna-ment, we still feel proud of our accomplishment and feel like we got a good feeling of our competition.”

But overtime the league itself has evolved and Porter noted that it has changed “immensely,” and that the “competition is rising.”

“I see so much more skill out on the floor nowadays,” she said. “Every team is kind of on the same page this year with skill level, but the skill level is higher than its ever been. There are more accurate shooters and more plays being made and read — it’s not just offence and defence games anymore. I love it.”

But as she loves the increasing skill level, she explained that she believes that her team will need to focus on connecting on the floor as well as getting their fitness levels higher because they will likely be kept in the ‘A’ division.

“And we will again shoot for the championship,” she said. “The competition is tough but I feel that we have a good shot this year, we just have to want it.”

With the regular season finalized, Porter made note of the newer members that have moved up to replace the graduated veterans and how well they have fit the team. Their contributions to the team as rookies are a part of her best memory of the season.

“My best memory so far in this season was seeing my newest team members learning how to catch and throw, and how they manage to catch up to everyone on the team,” she said. “I just remember that one game was against a harder team and they both were right in there in all the battles in the corner And at the draw. It was just crazy to see how fast they came along.”

As representatives of Six Nations, they are each hoped to represent and perform to the best of their abilities at the provincial level next month.

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