Iroquois Nationals roster unveiled for WLS Sixes event

On October 8, the Iroquois Nationals revealed their roster for the World Lacrosse Sport Sixes event on October 23-24 in Sparks, Maryland.

Six athletes are set to represent from Six Nations including Brendan Bomberry, Tehoka Nanticoke, Marshall Powless, Alex Kedoh Hill, Vernon Hill and Waren Hill in the roster, along with Lyle Thompson, Jeremy Thompson, Ty Thompson, Kyle Jackson, Jake Fox, Ron John, Mike Lazore, Shonwanonkon Thompson, Larson Sundown, Koleton. Marquis, Trey Deere, Ty Armstrong, Jakob Patterson, Leroy Halftown, Oakley Thomas, Kason Tarbell, Jack Vanvalkenburgh representing Haudenosaunee nations across the board.

The choice to provide the event using the “sixes” style of game play is explained on the World Lacrosse website: “To support and encourage the continued growth of lacrosse worldwide. To appeal to the next generation of sport participants and fans (up the tempo, higher scoring, less specialization), to provide greater access to lacrosse by eliminating barriers to entry (cost, team size, field size), to create greater competitive balance internationally, and fits with the 21st Century framework for the Olympic Games (reduce the cost and complexity of staging the games, hard cap’ on athlete quota).”

It was announced during the first day of the World Lacrosse General Assembly on October 10, that along with receiving full recognition status from the International Olympic Committee and the successful launch of the World Lacrosse Sixes discipline and brand. The organization will include the following priorities in the newly approved Strategic Plan: Use 2022 and 2023 events to showcase the best of lacrosse and elevate the sport, grow the number of member countries to 85 while continuing to strengthen existing National and Continental Federations, develop new and diversify existing revenue streams, strengthen relationships with the Olympic family and continue to improve World Lacrosse effectiveness and governance.

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