Lady Snipers pummel Steelhawks, but miss out on shocking the Shockwave

SIX NATIONS — A full day of senior women’s lacrosse was hosted at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena this past Saturday for week 3 of the Arena Lacrosse Leagues women’s division.

Since last year, the league has grown from three original teams to now four, including the Six Nations Lady Snipers, the Paris RiverWolves, the St. Catharines Shockwave and the new Whitby Steelhawks.

During week one, the standings were chosen as the Snipers paired up with the RiverWolves, taking a loss 5-8, while the Shockwave took on the Steelhawks and came out with their first victory 5-0. The RiverWolves then battled it out with the Shockwave and earned their second win 5-4, while the Snipers walloped the Steelhawks 12-0.

Unfortunately, the match ups for week two were cancelled due to inclement weather, but week three was raring to go as the RiverWolves took the top spot undefeated, with the Snipers right behind them and the Shockwave closely following with the Steelhawks.

The first game brought the RiverWolves to the Steelhawks, who have improved since their last round of games with a few new players. The game was slow and steady, with experienced players for Paris taking their time and organizing plays and break outs. While the Steelhawks were able to answer two goals during this game, the RiverWolves took the lead and kept it to finalize the match 8-2.

Looking to ring in a victory to maintain their second spot, the Snipers were later given a hard go with the Shockwave. Early on scoring for St. Catharines by the crease created a lead that the Snipers couldn’t return, as some of their core scorers were noticeably missing.

The Shockwave sported several regular season Attack players, including Lindsey Smith who scored in the second period. While the only goal for the Snipers in this match went to Amber Hill with assists from Brianna Tremblay and Lauryn Hill. This ended the game 5-1, giving the Shockwave their first win versus the Snipers.

After giving so much during their game with the Snipers, the Shockwave didn’t have much left to give when they met with the top spot RiverWolves for their second game of the day. This led to a huge lead being taken by the RiverWolves early on, and left the Shockwave unable to return. Switching in a newer and younger goalie also allowed for outside shots to find their way to the back of the net, and the RiverWolves came out on top 11-0.

This brought the Snipers having to play catch up in points, as the last game of the evening paired them up with the Steelhawks again. Although improved, their goaltender was finding difficulty in protecting the large senior net and the Snipers took full advantage.

Mekwan Tulpin buried two back to back goals, one unassisted and the other with one assist going to Lauryn Hill half way into the first period. Quick to follow was a bury by Jadyn Bomberry from Janice William and another by Makenzie Bomberry from Hailee Johnson. To finalize the period, Brianna Tremblay scored twice from the inside, with assists going to J. William and H. Johnson.

In the second period, the Steelhawks were unable to hold onto the ball long enough to make an attempt on offence. However, their defence was working well as they prevented any major scoring. The Snipers were only able to score once, with Tyra Skye earning her first from B. Tremblay and Amber Hill.

The third period kicked off with a goal hungry start, as Kenley Jacobs went to the net unassisted minutes into the period. Moments later, Miranda VonHanke scored off of a pass from H. Johnson and M. Bomberry earned her second from H. Johnson, who worked at being a feeding machine from the top.

To finish off the period, J. Bomberry scored her second unassisted with only 23 seconds left.

The fourth period finalized the game with no further scoring, making the game 11-0 for the Snipers. This leaves the RiverWolves completely undefeated, while the Snipers rest ahead of the Shockwave only in goal points.

Week four is set to begin this coming Saturday at the ILA with games running from 3:30 – 7:30 p.m..

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