New PBLA is set for inaugural season with Six Nations talent signed

On December 6, the new Professional Box Lacrosse Association (PBLA) situated in the USA announced an agreement entered with Watch Lacrosse Television for a broadcast package of the inaugural, upcoming season. The partnership will feature a “PBLA Game-of the-Week” as well as a bi-weekly, half-hour show, “PBLA TODAY”.

Formerly, Lax Sports Network, LacrosseTV, broadcasts live college, high school, amateur, and international lacrosse games. LacrosseTV also produces hundreds of hours of live programming including its signature show Lacrosse Now, Happy Hour, and Watch Party.

The 2022-23 schedule begins later this month, with the first game to see the Jim Thorpe All-Americans play the Syracuse Spark. As of October, nine teams with rosters of ten were named to the PBLA 2022-23 season.

The Jim Thorpe All-Americans include Liam Wright, Kurtis Woodland, Jonathan Jimerson, Kessler Doolittle, Rod Squire, Ashton Jacobs, Ben Austin, Patrick Timothee, Chauncy Hill and Layne Smith.

The Binghampton Bombers roster includes Jake Laze, Ty Thompson, Ryan Hotaling, Leland Powless, Matthew Bennett, Cameron Simpson, Derek Hopps, Donny, Moss, Jeff Geddis, and Waylan Abrams. The Charlotte Bootleggers roster includes Marcus Holman, Joe French, Ben French, Dylan Maltz, Ryan Dresser, Tyler Nation, Tyler Shoults, Billy Ward, Max Wayne, and Matt Pratt.

The Salem Mayhem roster includes Kyle Leeming, Brayden Brown, Eric Dickinson, Reece Eddy, David Procopio, Andy Meyers, Jacob Morris, Bobby Dick, Wille Geise, and Todd Lloyd. The Hampton Hammerheads roster includes Chase Martin, Joel Tinney, Gale Thorpe, Mark Kirby, Kerry Kane, Cam Horn, Tyler Armstrong, Billy O’Brien, Kobi Johnson and Dylan Rice. The New England Chowderheads roster includes Tom Palasek, Tommy McKee, Andrew Bracy, Eddie Douhall, Peter Strzetelski, Clay Arnold, Alex Trippi, Matt Huggett, Matt Johnson, and Lukas Buckley.

The Syracuse Spark roster includes Edmund Cathers, Thomas Kelly, Dylan Donahue, Skylark Thomas, Trevor Stacey, Leroy Halftown, Kaleb Benedict, Zachary Hopps, Carmen Papa, and Jay Chubb. The ninth team, the Trenton Terror roster includes Phillip Buque, Pat Crosby, Nick McEvoy, George Downey, Adam Yet, Kyle Worsley, James Much, Chris Lieze-Hammel, Andrew Hasz, and Hayden Fox.

Back in September, between the 9 and 11, the PBLA invited 100 of the top players to try out for the league in Elmira, New York. The event was open to the public at First Arena and provided players with the opportunity to speak with Hall of Famers and meet with fans. Through the combine, the Elmira Renegades Roster acquired Bradley Voigt, Brett Logan, Maccoy Abrams, Dawson Tait, Cody Radziewicz, James Chadwick, Adam Osika, Owen Hill, Jacob Pulver and Davey Jones.

Three more games are set to continue on Friday, December 30, at 7 p.m., EST, with the Bombers facing up against the Renegades, Mayhem versus Hammerheads, and Terror versus Chowderheads.

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