Ohsweken Bears and Six Nations Snipers face off at home

SIX NATIONS — Eastern Arena Lacrosse League games continued this past weekend, starting with a match that saw two home-town teams take each other on.

The Six Nations Snipers and the Ohsweken Bears opened the weekend with a face off at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on Friday, February 10. This followed the Snipers loss to the Oshawa Outlaws 12-19 and the Bears loss to the Steelhawks 14-16 the weekend prior.

The first period saw the first goal go to the Bears from Oakley Thomas, then a goal was cinched from Cheyton King for the Snipers. This was followed by a second for the Snipers by Nolan Fehr, and a response by the Bears from Oakley Thomas. A final goal for the period was earned by Mason Hill, giving a lead to the Snipers 3-2.

Coming into the second period, Cheyton King scored his second for the Snipers, while Oakley Thomas earned his second, followed by a single for Kyle Pedwell for the Bears. Oakley Thomas scored his hat trick goal, and James Whiteford offered a supporting goal for the Bears to close the period at a 5-6 lead over the Snipers.

In the third, Justin Porga came through for the Snipers to open the period as Kyle Pedwell responded with a dingle for the Bears second afters. After two goals from Cheyton King and Kedoh Hill, Oakley Thomas earned his fourth goal of the game. But, Chandler Allen, Haodais Maracle and Cheyton King came through with single goals each. This left Haneh Brant and Jame Whiteford at a deficit despite scoring, closing the period at a close 11-10 for the Snipers.

In the fourth, the game could have gone either way at the start, but Brent Longboat opened scoring for the Snipers. Dawit Martin responded for the Bears, but Haodais Maracle, Kedoh Hill, Dante Romano and Cheyton King came through with single, consecutive goals. Jake Bomberry put one away for the Bears, while Mitch Vanevery, Haodais Maracle and Cheyton King put three more away for the Snipers. Marvin Curry and Isaac Vanderzalm closed scoring for the Bears at the end, and finalized with a 19-14 score for the Snipers.

Cheyton King was awarded a first place star for six goals, three assists, tallying nine points total for the Snipers. Oakley Thomas was awarded a second place star for five goals, one assist, tallying six points total for the Snipers. While Dustin Hill was awarded a third place star after tallying 46 saves for the Snipers.

On Saturday, February 11, the Toronto Monarchs took a victory over the Peterborough Timbermen 17-13 at the Millbrook Arena. Later in the day, the Whitby Steelhawks won a match over the Oshawa Outlaw 15-10 at the Children’s Arena. On Sunday, the Paris RiverWolves lost to the Brampton Express 5-14 at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

The next scheduled game for the the Ohsweken Bears will see them play the Brampton Express on Friday, February 17 at the Brampton Memorial Arena at 8:00 p.m.. As for the Six Nations Snipers, they will face off on home soil on Sunday, February 19, at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena against the Paris RiverWolves at 2:00 p.m.

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