One more home game in regular season for Rebels

The finalization of a nearly perfect regular season will culminate this coming Friday for the Six Nations Rebels, who have suffered just one loss in 19 games.

After defeating the Welland Generals for the second time 16-7 on Sunday, June 2, The Rebels moved on to face the St. Catharines Spartans the following Thursday.

The first period allowed for one goal to come from the Spartans, while the Rebels accumulated a surplus of nine. Single goals came from Marshall Powless, Gavin Skye, Weylon Abrams, Sidney Powless and Daylen Hill, while Chayton King earned four, with two on a power play and one unassisted.

The second period gave the Spartans four buries, but these were outnumbered as the Rebels score reached into the teens. Dawit Martin buried twice as Wesley Whitlow earned a hat-trick and Sidney Powless went for his second. This finished the period 15-5.

As the this period came, the Rebels again gave up a single goal to the Spartans but added to their own pile of points. Marshall Powless earned two for a hat-trick, while Wesley Whitlow, Weylon Abrams, Owen Martin and Dawit Martin earned singles to finish the game 21-6.

The following evening, the Rebels invited Niagara fans to fill the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena to watch as they assaulted the Thunderhawks.

The first period gave an unexpected lead to the Thunderhawks as the Rebels main scorers Chayton King, Marshall Powless and Sidney Powless each put up singles, but the Thunderhawks put up four.

This led to an overpowering second period by the Rebels, who didn’t allow the Thunderhawks on the scoreboard. Goals came from Sidney Powless, Weylon Abrams (2g), Chayton King, Justin Martin, Marshall Powless and Daylen Hill.

Then again in the their period, the Rebels gave up two goals to the Thunderhawks as though to assert that their initial lead was an accident. Gregory Elijah-Brown, Marshall Powless, Tayton Skye, Weylon Abrams and Chayton King earned singles while Daylen Hill earned a double shorthanded. This closed the game 17-6 for the Rebels.

With one nights rest, the Rebels then ventured to Wallaceburg to wrestle with the Red Devils on Sunday, June 9.

The first period opened to an initial tie. Wesley Whitlow, Mason Hill and Sidney Powless earned singles that were each answered by the Red Devils, opening the second period 3-3.

The second period was met with another near tie, as the Red Devils kept fighting to keep the score even and the Rebels kept finding themselves in the penalty box. Sixteen minutes alone were accumulated for the Rebels in this period, which transferred to the score as singles came from Justin Martin, Sidney Powless, Marshall Powless and Wesley Whitlow. The Red Devils answered all but one, making the score 7-6 for the Rebels leading into the third.

For the third period, the Rebels prevented all scoring from the Red Devils as they pushed for five goals. Gregory Elijah-Brown, Tayton Skye, Tycie Cowan, Dawit Martin and Owen Martin each earned singles to close the game 12-6.

The Rebels are set to host their final regular season home game against the Windsor Clippers this Friday at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena at 8 p.m..

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