Playoffs hit and Rebels excel

SIX NATIONS — After finalizing their spot on top with a final regular season win over the Windsor Clippers 18-4 a week prior, the Rebels entered their playoff matchup with the Guelph Regals.

So far, the Rebels have undertaken two series games with one at home last Friday and one away on Monday. However, looking at the scores it appears that they’ll have their work cut out for them if the Regals get the home team advantage in Guelph.

As the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena flooded with home support, the Rebels blasted the Regals with a strong first period.

Mason Hill, Gutch Salinas, Owen Martin, Dayton Skye and Tycies Cowan each earned singles with only one answer from the Regals by the end. This gave the Rebels a wide lead and a great first impression as the second period kept their momentum.

Marshall Powless and Mason Hill went for seconds, as the Regals returned twice. But Dawit Martin went for one and Sidney Powless went for a double as Justin Martin went for his first and Marshall Powless earned a hat-trick. The Regals answered just once more as the period finished, 12-4 for the Rebels.

The third period was executed cleanly as the Regals couldn’t muster any returns.

Wesley Whitlow and Sidney Powless finished with singles while Gregory Elijah-Brown and Daylen Hill scored doubles.

This finished the match with the Rebels taking a high lead, 18-4.

But their travel to Guelph on Monday reaped different results.

The first period gave the Regals three consecutive goals, with answers from Sidney Powless (2) and Chayton King.

But during the second, the Rebels found themselves suffering from several penalties with their opponents earning none. This allowed the Regals to bury twice for the lead, with one answer from Marshall Powless.

By the third, the Regals earned two while the Rebels earned three from Dawit Martin, Wesley Whitlow and Marshall Powless to tie the game up.

But with a minute remaining, the Regals were given a penalty shot that they were able to bury from and were able to earn another thirty seconds later. This gave them a two goal lead to finish the game, 9-7.

This puts both teams on equal footing with one home game win each, but the Rebels have two more home games left to play and they are hoped to come out on top.

Their next game will land on Wednesday, June 26 at 8 p.m., within the ILA.

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