Premiere Lacrosse League players to wear orange helmet straps to raise awareness

In a move prompted by grieving Indigenous communities, the Premiere Lacrosse League has announced that players of the league will be donning orange straps on their helmets to stand in solidarity and raise awareness.

“The PLL stands with Indigenous communities across the continent as they grieve and process the recent discoveries of unmarked graves at native boarding and resident schools,” reds the PLL statement.

“These institutions attempted to systemically dismantle native culture through forced assimilation of native children, with records of over 5,000 Indigenous children found dead under school care.

Though they did not succeed in their ultimate mission, the schools have had a devastating impact on native communities. Every Child Matters can serve as a healing journey for native survivors through a commitment by all to recognize these historical injustices and forge a path forward through truth and reconciliation.

Athletes from the PLL will be wearing orange helmet straps for the remainder of the season to spread awareness of the atrocities committed at native boating and residential schools. Additionally, the PLL will be selling orange straps with all proceeds going to the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition.

This mission of NABS is to lead in the pursuit of understanding and addressing the ongoing trauma created by the U. S. Indian Boarding School Policy.”

The straps in question are available for purchase or view here:

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