Pro-Fit Corvairs still waiting

CALEDONIA — The Caledonia Pro-Fit Corvairs are still cooling their heals waiting for the winner of the St. Catharines Flacons and Ancaster Avalanche series which went seven games. The Corvairs, on the other hand, have been trying to stay hot after sweeping Fort Erie and winning over the Niagara Falls Canucks in five games.

In the Midwestern Conference, as of Monday, the Elmira Sugar Kings were awaiting he winner of theThorold versus Waterloo series which was tied at three-games each.

And in the Western Conference, the London Nationals open the St. Thomas Stars. Dates to be set.

When the Conference Finals begin, the Corvairs will be well rested and healthy having been given time to heal any nagging injuries and to practice their special teams and keep up the general cardio work as they wait.

“We have been still training high intensity, while we wait,” says coach Mike Bullard. “I think we’ll bread when it’s time.”

General Manager Brian Rizzetto admits that the layoff can’t help but hurt a little. “You can only practice so much,” he says. “It’s game time that really keeps you sharp.”

They will face either St. Catharines or Ancaster and although the Corvairs have a better record against St. Catharines, Rizzetto really hanse preference considering both capable opponents.

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