Rebels: Home Win vs. Orangeville

SIX NATIONS – After a taking a loss to the Orangeville Northmen last Thursday 7-4, the Six Nations Rebels outplayed the Northmen 7-5 on Sunday, July 10 after a majorly close game.

With a loud crowd and a lot of determination, the Rebels started out the first period with a goal in the first 40 seconds by Captain Danton Miller. This set a quick pace for the rest of the period; but it only took another two minutes for the Northmen to return the goal. This tied the game and brought out the worst in the Northmen’s defence, racking up two penalties just minutes apart. However, Chayton King received a pass from Justin Martin, from Kevin Owen Hill, and broke the tie with a quick shot before the end of the period.

The second period started a long battle for possession, with shots taken from the outside for both teams as both defences worked hard to prevent inside shots.

Finally, in the middle of the second period the silence was broken by Jeremy Bomberry after a quick pass from Shane Henry allowed him to make a swift break to the net and a bottom corner goal. This left the score board silent for a while, but with only a minute left in the period, Travis Longboat did a surprise cut in front of the crease and scored with a side arm.

The Northmen did take advantage of an opportunity and scored one more, but it wasn’t expected that they would catch up again. This caused a lot of spectators to relax with the score being in the Rebels favour 4-2, but from the floor viewpoint, it was easy to tell that the Northmen coaches were ready to tell their team to work in the third.

This came to fruition, as in the first bouts of the third period the Northmen quickly broke off of the draw and scored two goals unassisted only minutes a part. This tied the game 4-4, but with a shot of luck the Northmen shot passed Rebels Goalie Tiger Stacey on his right side and scored. This seemed to wake up spectators, as they were brought to the edges of their seats once again.

In worry that the Rebels would face another loss, a lot of cheering and encouragement could be heard throughout the stands. And in the last quarter of the game, the Rebels pulled together with Brandon Petter winning a break away and an unassisted goal. After the loud response, Miller scored his second to finally bring the Rebels into the lead 6-5.

But, the Rebs were still in threat of the Northmen tying again as the Northmen earned possession and called for a time out with only a minute left in the period. The Northmen fought hard to get an inside shot, but Stacey had learned from the previous goal on his right side and deflected the ball with his foot.

Now, with only seconds remaining, the Rebels called for a time out. This led to both teams pulling their goalies – a sight not many have seen in lacrosse – and the Rebels spacing themselves out. But, even with six players the Northmen seemed to think they needed two on the ball, and moved to double-man Miller.

Miller simply passed it to wide-open King who scored his second goal on their empty net. It was an amazing display of control and finesse.

Rebels staff would also like to send out the word that admission prices will be $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for children for Friday’s 8 p.m. home game this week at the ILA versus Orangeville. Come help fill the house and support!

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