Rivermen line brawl in game two of series

SIX NATIONS — On Saturday, July 20, after defeating the Owen Sound North Stars the week prior, the Rivermen fell victim to a mental game versus the Stars at the Gaylord Powless Arena for game one of their series.

The first period gave way to the Stars burying four times, with no answers from the Rivermen. The second allowed the Rivermen to give the impression that they wanted to make a come back.

Two goals went in for the Rivermen, from Wayne Vanevery and Greg Longboat Jr., but as if to cancel their efforts, the Stars buried twice more to end the period.

Finally, the third began with a goal for the Stars.

This was answered by Holden Vyse, from Stuart Martin, but not enough to break even with the score sitting at 3-7 for the Stars.

But following the goal by Vyse and with only 44 seconds remaining, the floor erupted with a line brawl. The brawl allegedly began because a racial slur was heard coming from the Stars bench.

Four game misconducts were doled out for the Rivermen, including Stuart Martin, Rayce Vyse and Adam Bomberry, while just two were given to a single player from the Stars.

But the following evening, the Rivermen put the Stars in their place away from home.

The first period allowed the Rivermen to rack up three goals with no answers from Jake Bomberry, Gates Abrams and Stuart Martin.

As for the following period the Stars seemed to wake up a little and mustered three goals throughout the 15 minutes. But this was answered by Riley Johnson and two for Wayne Vanevery to finish the period.

The third brought out one goal for the Stars while Vanevery went for a hat-trick goal. This was followed by buries from Holden Vyse and Stuart Martin, finalizing the game 9-4 for the Rivermen.

Cinching game two brings the series to a 1-1 stand point.

Game three will be hosted at the Gaylord Poles Arena this coming Friday, at 8 p.m..

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