Rivermen lose first game to Titans

HAGERSVILLE — Last Friday, the Six Nations Rivermen hosted the Oakville Titans at the Hagersville Arena for their fourth regular season game.

Last year the Titans missed out on a bronze Presidents Cup medal, but pushed the Rivermen out of the running. This made their match an anticipated one as the arena filled with local spectators.

The first period opened with a goal for the Titans but was quickly answered by Zed Williams from Greg Longboat Jr.. The Titans buried two more and a goal by Kyle Isaacs from Leland Poles ended the period.

This opened the second period, which allowed the Rivermen to bury twice more with Zed Williams earning his second and Haneh Brant earning his first. By the end of the period the Titans answered once, giving a 4-4 tie for the third.

While poor passes were taken advantage of by the Titans, the Rivermen defence allowed cuts to the inside. Thus, the third gave the Titans their highest scoring period as four consecutive goals connected on Rivermen tender Warren Hill.

The Rivermen seemed to lose steam and wasted shot opportunities with several far outside shots, rather than using the time to work to get inside. A goal was taken back for crease violation, but Wayne Hill recovered with a bury from Gates Abrams and Jake Bomberry.

This finalized the match 6-8 for the Titans, but precluded to the oncoming competition between the two rivalling teams in the future.

Their next home game will host the Brooklin Merchants on Saturday, June 1 at the Gaylord Powless Arena.

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