Rivermen take out Titans

SIX NATIONS — The Six Nations Rivermen hosted their top rivals the Oakville Titans last Saturday at the Gaylord Powless Arena.

As to be expected, the first period gave way to what began a close game.

Riley Johnson broke the scoring for the Rivermen 30 seconds in, while Gates Abams also buried before the Titans could answer twice. However, Riley Johnson came back for his second, closing the period with a light lead 3-2.

The second period gave way to two goals for the Titans, but three answers for Johnny Powless with a hat-trick. While Greg Longboat Jr., earned a single, giving the Rivermen a three goal lead by the end.

This brought up the third period, which should have been the period that the Titans fought to get stronger footing.

However, Leland Powless, Sherman Williams and Tom Montour quickly put singles away. This was answered by two goals from the Titans, which were cancelled out by Leland Powless and Greg Longboat Jr., who both went for their seconds of the game.

By the end of the third, the Rivermen lost both Wayne Hill and Tom Montour to 10 minute penalties and Montour was ejected from the game with a game misconduct.

This finalized the game 12-6, and left an impression that resulted in the Rivemen being unable to play their next scheduled game the following Sunday, as it was cancelled.

The river men now is in second place. Although defeated, the Titans still rest on top of the OSBLL standings as they have played one extra game, which resulted in a win, over the Rivermen so far.

Their next scheduled home game for the Rivermen will land on Saturday, July 13, at the Gaylord Powless Arena.

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